Then Cain sought out from the current presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod in the east of Eden

Then Cain sought out from the current presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod in the east of Eden

Cain plus the Land of Nod

Some declare that the passage in Genesis 4:16 17 ensures that Cain decided to go to the land of Nod and discovered a spouse. Hence, they conclude here should have been another battle of men and women from the planet have been perhaps perhaps maybe not descendants of Adam, whom produced Cain’s spouse.

And Cain knew their spouse, and she conceived and bore Enoch. In which he built town, and called the title associated with the town following the title of their son—Enoch.

From exactly just what happens to be stated above, it’s clear that every people, Cain’s wife included, are descendants of Adam. Nonetheless, this passage will not state that Cain decided to go to the land of Nod and discovered a spouse. John Calvin in commenting on these verses states:

Through the context we possibly may gather that Cain, before he slew their bro, had hitched a spouse; otherwise Moses would are in possession of associated one thing respecting their marriage.11

Cain ended up being married before he went along to the land of Nod. He didn’t look for a spouse here but “knew” (had intimate relations with) their wife.12

This is why feeling in light of just exactly what Nod is, too. Nod means “wandering” in Hebrew. When Cain went along to the land of Nod, he was literally visiting the land of wandering, perhaps not really destination high in individuals.

Who had been review Cain afraid of ( Genesis 4:14 )?

Some claim there had to be a lot of people in the earth apart from Adam and Eve’s descendants; otherwise Cain wouldn’t are afraid of individuals planning to slay him because he killed Abel.

To start with, one reason why somebody would like to harm Cain for killing Abel is when see your face ended up being a close connection of abel!

Next, Cain and Abel had been created a relatively good right time ahead of the occasion of Abel’s death. Genesis 4:3 states:

As well as in the entire process of time it arrived to pass through that Cain brought an providing of the fresh fresh fruit for the ground towards the Lord .

Note the expression “in the entire process of time.” We realize Seth came to be whenever Adam had been 130 years old ( Genesis 5:3 ), and Eve saw him as an alternative for Abel ( Genesis 4:25 ). Consequently, the timeframe from Cain’s delivery to Abel’s death was a century or plenty that is more—allowing of for any other kids of Adam and Eve to marry and have now kiddies. Because of the time Abel ended up being killed, there might have been a considerable quantity of descendants of Adam and Eve involving a few generations.

Where Did the Technology Result From?

Some declare that for Cain to attend the land of Nod and build a populous town, he could have required plenty of technology that has to have been for the reason that land, presumably produced by other events.

Adam and Eve’s descendants were really people that are intelligent. We have been told that Jubal made instruments that are musical like the harp and organ ( Genesis 4:21 ), and Tubal-cain caused metal and iron ( Genesis 4:22 ).

Due to intense indoctrination that is evolutionary lots of people today have actually the theory that their generation is considered the most advanced that features ever been with this earth. Simply we are the most intelligent or advanced because we have jet airplanes and computers doesn’t mean. This modern tools is really a direct result the accumulation of real information.

We now have significantly degenerated in comparison to individuals numerous generations ago.

We ought to understand that our brains have endured 6,000 many years of the Curse. We now have significantly degenerated in comparison to individuals generations that are many. We may be nowhere near as smart or inventive as Adam and Eve’s young ones. Scripture provides a glimpse of exactly just exactly what seems to be advanced level technology almost right from the start.

Cain had the knowledge and skill to understand simple tips to build a town!


A primary reason numerous Christians cannot answer comprehensively the question about Cain’s spouse is which they have a tendency to view today’s world additionally the issues that could be connected with close relations marrying, as well as don’t consider the clear historical record God has provided to us.

They you will need to interpret Genesis from our situation that is present rather comprehend the real biblical reputation for the whole world plus the modifications which have taken place due to sin. As they are maybe not building their worldview on Scripture but going for a secular thought processes into the Bible, these are generally blinded towards the easy responses.

Genesis may be the record of this Jesus who was simply here as history took place. It will be the term of 1 that knows every thing and that is a dependable witness from yesteryear. Hence, as soon as we utilize Genesis as a foundation for understanding history, we could sound right of proof which may otherwise be considered a mystery that is real. The thing is that, if evolution does work, technology has a level larger issue than Cain’s spouse to explain—namely, exactly how could guy ever evolve by mutations (errors) within the beginning, since that process might have made everyone’s kids deformed? The simple proven fact that individuals can create offspring that aren’t mostly deformed is a testimony to creation, perhaps maybe perhaps not development.

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